Applied Data Science Capstone by IBM/Coursera

Table of contents
* [Introduction: Business Problem]
* [Data]
* [Methodology]
* [Analysis]
* [Results and Discussion]
* [Conclusion]

A. Introduction: Business Problem

This project is inspired by a new apartment search journey of a friend of mine. It has been a journey that consumed a lot of time and effort for my friend…

Victim mentality, Drama triangle and a useful tip to unhook yourself from a pleasant illusion

I seem to have just awoken from a very long sleep….Then I found myself sitting in my room, staring at the wall and bingle-watching a series of My Own Life — literally my own life. However, this time, I found different things, I recognised different truths. It was an exhilarating…

Do you ever feel so helpless and powerless over a difficult situation?

Our body and mind have been completely ignored for uncountable times until they collapse physically and/or mentally. And only then, we will feel seriously sick and we will remember that they have been forgotten… for so long!

Recently I have been feeling helpless and also powerless when all of the…

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