key points for opening yourself to growth

It’s summer and I just finished reading the book Mindset — changing the way you think to fulfil your potential written by Dr. Carol S. Dweck

Below are my takeaways from the book.

Although, I highly recommend you to read the book because…

Applied Data Science Capstone by IBM/Coursera

Table of contents
* [Introduction: Business Problem]
* [Data]
* [Methodology]
* [Analysis]
* [Results and Discussion]
* [Conclusion]

A. Introduction: Business Problem

This project is inspired by a new apartment search journey of a friend of mine. It has been a journey that consumed a lot of time and effort for my friend…

Victim mentality, Drama triangle and a useful tip to unhook yourself from a pleasant illusion

I seem to have just awoken from a very long sleep….Then I found myself sitting in my room, staring at the wall and bingle-watching a series of My Own Life — literally my own life. However, this time, I found different things, I recognised different truths. It was an exhilarating…

“Blooming is a process”

It’s Saturday morning and as usual, I start my weekend by calling my mom on WhatsApp. Seeing her through the small screen is nothing but comfort to me. She is resting on her side at the bed and talking with me.

‘What are you doing mom?’ — I ask


Do you ever feel so helpless and powerless over a difficult situation?

Our body and mind have been completely ignored for uncountable times until they collapse physically and/or mentally. And only then, we will feel seriously sick and we will remember that they have been forgotten… for so long!

Recently I have been feeling helpless and also powerless when all of the…

There is an event happened to my life, which made me thinks a lot about my life. And during that train of thoughts, there was one question:

In the end , as a human, from where do I find my values?

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